Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10/6 pt. 2


"In a move that can only be described as Mike Park-esque, The Get Up Kids frontman Matt Pryor has apparently begun gauging interest in performing gigs inside the living rooms of strangers. There’s no word on the scope of this or if it’ll even end up happening, but if you’re interested in hosting Mr. Pryor he can contacted here.

Pryor released Confidence Man in 2008 and The Get Up Kids issued Simple Science earlier this year.”

someone here in burlington please contact him and have him play their living room, there’s some weird rules and whatnot and the tickets are all sold through matt pryors website but this is fucking awesome it wouldn’t cost anything and it would be the most killer thing in the world.

please someone do it with a big living room.


we have one position open for a street team member, there will be 5 total, here is what we are looking for someone in chittenden county preferably

-promoting black lodge events (i.e. - postering / handbills / talking about it)
-creating new ideas for promotion (i.e. - friends that work for newspapers, radio stations, doing new creative online promotion)
-only a few hours of work a month really, if you want to poster, handbill you can do this, if you want to create 20 different online posters and post them on facebook / myspace / twitter etc.
-being part of our creative input for booking events, if you’re willing to work with us, we’re willing to work with/take chances on your ideas
-we will be writing a black lodge zine this fall it will include info on bands / interviews / creative writing / art amongst other things, the street team will be the first to be able to submit and will help assembly.
-for postering and handbills the posters and handbills will be provided for you, if you choose to make more it would be appreciated, but what you are given you will be EXPECTED to make sure that the handbills are in peoples hands and the posters are in visible trafficked locations.

-not much really, be a black lodge member, this does NOT mean you get to go to shows for free, we lose a lot of money on shows,
-this DOES however mean we have an idea we think will work which will get you discounted show prices, which is a perk.
-also when shows start doing well and making money if hard work is seen put into the shwos by the street teams some of the profits may be split out.
-the harder the work the more the black lodge would be willing to book events for street teams birthdays or just bands people on the street team would like to see. again like said before if you work for us we’ll do our best to work for you.
-things will change in the future and the perks will obviously change for the better so please keep this in mind.

so we are only accepting 5 people for this, if you are interested please send an email to theblacklodgebooking (at) gmail (dot) com with the following.
phone number:
and a quick little explanation as to why you think you should be part of the black lodge

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Monday, October 18 2010

242 Main street

7 pm / $8



mother of mercy (bridge 9)

flyer will be coming soon